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philadelphia wedding bandThere are so many things to decide on for a wedding reception.  After reserving a location and a caterer, finding a DJ or a wedding band in Philadelphia for entertainment is usually one of the more important decisions.  Get started as early as possible to ensure that the musical entertainment that is chosen is available for your chosen date.

One of the first things to decide is between booking a band or a DJ.  Some points to consider may include individual taste, cost factor, and the formality of the wedding/reception.

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A search for musicians can be done through different venues. Contact music schools, musician unions, and personal references. Most bands and entertainment brokers have online websites and can be found through an easy online search.  Party planners are another good source for musicians, whether a three-string quartet, an oldies band, or a DJ.

A Philadelphia wedding band will cost more than a DJ, but perhaps there is a favorite band that will suit the bride and groom’s taste.  If the wedding reception is large and scheduled for several hours, a band may be too costly.

The bride and groom must interview the entertainment, whether a DJ or a band is selected. The couple should arrange for demo tapes from the musicians, and if possible, hear the band or DJ live.

As with a band, the same points to hire a DJ need to be considered. Professional DJs should be reliable, reputable and personable. A professional DJ will listen attentively to the desires of the bride and groom for details to make the reception unique and personal.

Be sure to view the DJ’s equipment to and verify that it is of professional quality and is well-maintained.  A malfunction of equipment can ruin the reception and turn the happy event into an unpleasant memory.

Once a band or DJ is selected, a contract including a list of songs should be signed.  The contract must also include fees, deposits, cancelation clause, liability insurance coverage, overtime costs, event date and time, and set-up and performance times. The band’s attire may be another item to be included in the contract.  Be sure the DJ and band members that were interviewed will be the ones performing at the wedding reception.

Check the references that are provided. Ask past clients about promptness, reliability, performance quality, interactions with the audience and overall impressions.

Following these suggestions on choosing a DJ or wedding band for a wedding reception will ensure that the bride and groom can enjoy themselves at this important event.

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